Curing the Chaos

My children have a new daytime sleeping routine. They tag-team. My husband calls them whack-a-moles. One pops up, and the other goes down. At 10 a.m. M takes a morning nap. At 12 p.m., just at J is falling asleep for his nap, M wakes up. At 2 p.m. J rises, and they overlap for a few minutes. Then, I put M down for her afternoon nap. The synchronicity of it is unbelievable. There is not one minute in a 12-hour stretch that I truly have to myself.

The end result is chaos all over the house, from the kitchen to the mail bin to the laundry pile. The bonus room has a splattering of toys from one end to the other, like someone stood in the middle and threw toys in every direction (which he probably did).

The chaos is also in my head. Gone are orderly days when I planned anything, even something as minute as when I wash the dishes.

At 2 p.m. today, I took my first look in the mirror, and what a fright I found in a robe and sweatpants. “I am a skunk!” So, during my daughter’s afternoon nap, I put Sesame Street on for J, and I took a shower. I got dressed. Then, I looked around the mess to see where to begin, an attempt to put things back in order.

And I sat down to blog instead.

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