M’s Homecoming Day Party

I wasn’t sure how M’s Homecoming Day party would turn out. We invited about 20 family members, and in the days before the party, fewer and fewer people said they could come. We ended up with so few people that I told my mom and my mother-in-law that I hated that they had put so much effort into a party just for us. But, as it turned out, I am so glad we threw M a party. The time with family was wonderful. M was delightful and put on a show for us, dancing in her high chair and smacking her cake to bits. She loved being the center of attention (probably not for the first or the last time!). As I watched her giggle and glow, I was so happy. A bystander who didn’t know our story would never know M wasn’t always the picture of health. And there she was, so full of life, so precious.

Next year, I intend for us to begin celebrating M’s birthday at her actual birthday in January, and I’m sure we’ll do something small to mark Homecoming Day. But, my advice for anyone on the fence about acknowledging a Preemie First Birthday or Homecoming Day is to do it! Though our gathering was small, it was full of joy, and it was the perfect way to mark M’s first year with us.

My mom made the lemon cake.

And my mother-in-law made all the decorations.

The theme was sunshine, and it turned out so lovely!

Look at that twinkle. She is definitely trouble.


  1. That’s so sweet that you celebrate her birthday and homecoming day! I have a cousin who had a sweet baby girl early and I’m definitely going to share your blog with her right now!

  2. Thank you so much!

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